Bellissima Opera, 2019–Today

Chicago-based Bellissima Opera presents several events annually. These include our female-led annual International Women’s Day Concert, concerts on unique themes, and concerts showcasing newer American works. Bellissima also creates and presents new operas from its award-winning Tales of Transcendence Series. Our Bellissima Opera In the Classroom program, which has brought music to 24,000 students often at no or minimal cost to schools, represents our educational component. Christine Steyer is Bellissima’s Founder and current Artistic Director.

Bellissima Opera

Bellissima Opera & Working In Concert

In 2019, Bellissima Opera’s non-profit status transitioned into becoming the collaborative arts organization Working In Concert (WIC). Bellissima Opera and our Opera in the Classroom program remained as two of its seven initiatives. The initiatives of WIC educate, advocate for, and mobilize a global network of singers who use the art of song to empower lives and build community. WIC’s goal is to reflect the great diversity of Chicago’s population in the artists we work with, the audiences we entertain, the themes we embrace.

Working In Concert Initiatives

  • Bellissima Opera
  • Black Voices in Cabaret
  • Cabaret in the Classroom
  • Chicago Cabaret Week
  • Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion
  • Opera in the Classroom
  • SongShop Live
Working in Concert Founders: Claudia Hommel, Cappy Kidd ​and Christine Steyer

Bellissima Opera History, 2006–2019

Bellissima Opera was formed in 2006 to expand public appreciation of opera and classical music by presenting innovative concerts with professional musicians. We performed throughout Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. In 2008, Bellissima collaborated with New York Times Bestseller Caroline Myss and Sounds True© to produce a CD of sacred music. In 2009, Bellissima expanded to create its Bellissima Opera Outreach program and to commission new works for voice.

Bellissima Opera Founders: Franco Martorana, Christine Steyer and Paul Geiger

Bellissima Opera CD

CD album art with text over intensely colored concentric stained class windows.
Caroline Myss’ Voices Of the Sacred