Bellissima Opera’s annual International Women’s Day Concert featuring an award-winning female roster of vocalists, pianists and artists showcasing the works of women in the arts. Our first concert launched in 2022 in Oak Park, Illinois.

2023 Concert

Sopranos Sarah Kropski, Susan Nelson and Christine Steyer, and mezzo-soprano Anna Tonna were centerstage for our 2023 International Women’s Day Concert.

They were joined by collaborative pianists Jennifer McCabe and Shannon McGinnis, and the C21 Ensemble led by Marty Swisher. The concert was emceed by Jeanne Franks and set to a backdrop of images by artist Cheri Wolf.

The concert featured the works of female poets, librettists and composers including Clara Edwards, May Erlewine, Pauline Viardot-Garcia, Patty Huntington, Lori Laitman, Thea Musgrave, Edith Piaf, Elaine Romanelli, Christina Rosetti, Amy Scurria, Germaine Shames, Christine Steyer and Elinor Remick Warren.

2023 Concert Highlights

2023 Concert Performers

Sarah Kropski, Susan Nelson, Christine Steyer and Anna Tonna, Jennifer McCabe, Shannon McGinnis, Jeanne Franks, Cheri Wolf, Mary Grace Bertulfo & Elizabeth Doyle.
C21 Ensemble: Marty Swisher, Anna Bensch Tondelli, Kate Burch, Lindsay Bruce, Diane Deckert, Karen Barbee Dixon, Judy Earley, Erin Fox, Emily Gage, Czerina Salud, Lauren Schachter, Terri Schultz, Amanda Thomas, Jess Vogt, and Salina White-Vicks, Myron Silberstein.

Sponsors for this concert included Four Elements, The Musicians Club of Women, Jethra Kapp, and the Illinois Arts Council.