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On the occasion of World Opera Day, October 25, 2023, Dan Perkins authored a love letter to Working In Concert, Bellissima Opera and our creative leaders. Hear what business consultant, cultural historian and lover of the arts has to say about joining together —working in concert —

… And, so I Sing!

Dan Perkins

Minority Business Advocate with expertise in Supplier Diversity. | Cultural Historian specializing in Boxing from 1890 through 1929. | Facilitator and Innovator.

...Opera puts a dramatic frame around big and small moments in life and at times I feel as though my life could easily be the subject of an opera. I love that my activities as a consultant specializing in supplier diversity put me at the forefront of significant trends impacting how many organizations recognize, utilize, and develop businesses owned by minorities and women. … One of the great benefits of my work is the access I have to a wonderfully diverse array of people, many of whom are brilliant thought leaders working to improve conditions in their areas of specialization and the world in general. …

Through Opera in Classroom, Christine Steyer and her creative partner Claudia Hommel constantly renew my hope for our nation and the future. They manifest the transformative potential of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts and education.

Read Dan’s full article about boxing in opera houses, school children and more…

Expand our partnerships with schools to present CABARET and OPERA in the CLASSROOM
—$1000 supports three performers in an all-day residency. Support an assembly program in increments of $250.

Christine Steyer in a classroom.

Create new concerts for International Women’s Day and beyond
—$2000 to $4000 underwrites a classical vocal arts concert. Support the concerts in increments of $500.

International Women's Day Concert, Friday, March 8, 2024, 7:30pm, Oak Park, Illinois.

Our June 2024 American Opera Scenes concert is planned for a short run in the Chicago area.

Each donation of $500 helps underwrite the fabulous soloists involved.

American Opera Scenes, showcasing contemporary works which voice the uniquely American experience. Coming Summer, 2024.

Offer a monthly series featuring BLACK VOICES IN CABARET
—$2000 underwrites one of our monthly cabaret concerts by the award-winning roster of African-American performers. Support the concerts in increments of $250.

Help us bring top-ranking French performers to Chicago for the sixth Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion conference and festival in October 2024.
—$750 flies a fabulous performer direct from Paris.

Grow our SongShop Scholarship Fund to provide advanced training for professionals and serious amateurs

—$250 supplements each scholarship recipient for ten weekly sessions

—$750 sponsors the quarterly SongShop Live concerts whose net proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund

More than 30% of our program costs are supported through donations from individuals like you!  You have helped us bring in more than $90,000 since our founding in early 2019.

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