FUTURE PERFECT: The Magic Flute meets The Wizard of Oz in this fantastical production perfect for all ages!

From Bellissima Opera’s award-winning Transcendence Opera Series

A Modern Tale of Curiosity

Created by librettist Christine Steyer, composer David Shenton and directed by Nick Sandys, this full length is a coming-of-age story for all ages.

Created over a period of six years (2012-2018) with Bellissima Opera Outreach and 1,300 Chicago area youths.

Future Perfect tells the adventures of Miranette, a curious youth who leaves a forbidding society to go towards a future she wants to see. Along her way, she meets a colorful cast of young people, puppets, dragons, butterflies and grown-ups who help her. The result–quantum entanglement! This full production is supported by an intergenerational cast of 31 individuals (ages 4-79) orchestra, costumes and sets.

Watch the Premiere Performance

Future Perfect full opera

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2 Minute trailer
11 minute trailer

The Bellissima Opera Cast

Top Row (left to right): Rose Guccione, Brian Allen Pember Jr, Katie Rub, Sarah Kropski, Dominique Frigo.
Second Row (left to right): Susan Lewis Friedman, Peter Stigdon, Wydetta Carter, Paul Geiger, Marcela Ossa.
Third Row (left to right): Hailey Cohen, Barbara Smith, Christina Ray, Jeffrey Goldberg, Christine Steyer.
Bottom Row (left to right): Kaleb Nuesse, Suzanne Walsh, Xandra Daigle, Dennis M. Kalup, Carl Ratner.
Top Row (left to right): Norah Lougachi, Caleb Reed-Jennings, Isabella Airato, Tekla Schreiner-Witte, Ruby O’Shaughnessey, Henry Lombardo.
Bottom Row (left to right): Shiloh Jennings, Benjamin Govertsen, Sam Combs, Henry James Hansen, Amelia Holly.
The Catalyst Circle Rock Young Professionals of Future Perfect. Michael, Lena, Shiloh, Caleb, and Jonathan.
Five young professionals from the Catalyst Circle Rock School (adjoining the Kehrein Center for the Arts) joined as cast members for Future Perfect!

Praise for Future Perfect

“Your words took us on a trip from imagination to transcendence all in a concise and beautiful way. The score was striking and each genre of music was perfect for its scene. To a person, the quality of the singing was awesome. The characters you created were distinct and memorable and the performers delivered.”
—Cory A

“A meaningful and lovely score; texts were poetic and nuanced.  After a treacherous and very challenging day being an American, the show was balm for the soul.”
—Dana B

“The genius of the show is the marvelous score by David Shenton. I loved the music in its various dimensions, orchestrations, and blends. The melodies are enticing, and the harmonies are taken nicely from the way that operas are built.”
—Julia Rath for Around the Town

“An independent Chicago company production with immense collaboration involving CPS students has addressed much needed lessons in a cohesive gentle manner. It introduces young children to opera in a fun-filled colorful story with beautiful music and settings that are very child-friendly and entertaining for all ages.”
—Regina J

“Lovely impactful lyrics and music. Seven instruments really packed a punch in the orchestrations. How wonderful to see a wide range of ages on stage, too. A melange of The Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland and The Odyssey.”
—Elizabeth D

Creating Future Perfect

Future Perfect is drawn from eight years of workshops with 1,300 local youths examining themes of separateness, interconnectedness and transcendence from a variety of lenses. Facilitated by musicians, poets and artists, the workshops yielded many of the opera’s lyrics and costume designs. Read more here

Children and adults around a craft table filled with stencils, paints, fabric, and other supplies.
Director Nick Sandys on Future Perfect’s four Ls — Listening, Laughing, Learning and Love
Senn High School student Imani Brunson reads her poem “Labels” that becomes lyrics for the opera

Looking to program the perfect family friendly opera?

  • An inspiring tale to enchant audiences of all ages
  • A rich score perfect for professional and university singers
  • A strong ensemble cast
  • Memorable arias, duets and trios
  • Scored for 13 soloists, youth and adult choruses
  • 90-minutes without intermission
  • In English
  • Currently scored for 7-piece orchestra
  • Subtitles and supertitles available

To peruse the score or purchase the Shenton & Steyer Opera Songbook, contact [email protected].

For licensing, contact [email protected]. 773-509-9360.